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Every day, 700,000 children in Spain use the bus as a means of transportation to reach the school. The current bus park is 60,000 vehicles, with an age of more than 15 years. (source RACC).

Since October 2007, a new Royal Law Decree (443/2001, of April 27, on safety conditions in school transport and minors) that normalizes and regulates the transport of minors on buses is in force at European level.

Since 2005, the use of Child Restraint Systems in private vehicles (cars) is mandatory, a situation that created the paradox of how children were allowed to go on buses without any security system.

Both due to the demand of parents, schools and school transport companies, as well as by the administration itself, it was necessary to be able to respond urgently to this problem.

For this reason, Euraslog has developed a harness for the seats of the buses, the Kidy Bus Harness.

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