From ambulance companies throughout Europe, a system has been demanded for some time, which would allow children to be transported safely.

The problem is given because the harnesses of fixation and safety of the stretchers are prepared for adults, being impossible to use in children. For that reason, they are forced to carry out the transfer of children in the arms of their mothers on most occasions.

In this way, the safety of children against any unforeseen road is practically nil. Being in the arms of his mother, in addition to jeopardizing the safety of both, it is highly difficult and dangerous to be able to take a path or give respiratory attention to the child.

For this reason, EURASLOG, together with ambulance companies, has developed a pediatric retention system for ambulance stretchers, the Kidy Safe. A product that has been designed, tested and validated in accordance with the application standards.

DIRECTIVE 93/42/CEE Medical Devices
UNE EN 1865-2000 Specifications for stretchers and other equipment for transporting patients
used in road ambulances.
UNE EN 1789-2000 Sanitary transport vehicles and their equipment. Road Ambulances.
UNE EN 1021-1 Flammability assessment of upholstered furniture.
UNE EN 980 Graphic symbols used in the labeling of medical devices
UNE CR 14060 Traceability of medical devices


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